6 x Rexona Men Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Roll-On Sport 50mL

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Rexona Men Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Roll-On Sport 50mL

This is a powerful and reliable solution to keep you fresh and protected throughout the day. Engineered with advanced technology and specifically designed for active men, this antiperspirant roll-on offers exceptional performance and long-lasting freshness. Let's dive into the features, advantages, and how to use this remarkable product.


  1. Clinical Strength Protection: Rexona Men Clinical Protection delivers clinical strength protection against sweat and odor. It is formulated to provide maximum defense, making it ideal for intense physical activities and demanding lifestyles.

  1. Sport-Focused Formula: Designed for sports enthusiasts, this antiperspirant roll-on has an innovative formula that withstands rigorous activities, keeping you dry and fresh during intense workouts or games.

  1. Long-lasting Freshness: With its powerful and long-lasting formula, Rexona Men Clinical Protection keeps you feeling fresh and confident for up to 48 hours. Say goodbye to worries about sweat and odor, and stay focused on your performance.

  1. Gentle on the Skin: Despite its high-performance nature, this antiperspirant roll-on is gentle on the skin. Clinically tested and gentle on all skin types, including sensitive skin, making it non-irritating and dermatologically approved.

  1. Quick-drying Formula: Experience the convenience of our fast-drying formula, allowing you to dress right after application with no sticky or greasy residue. It swiftly absorbs into the skin, leaving you with a refreshing clean and dry sensation.

  1. Compact and Convenient Packaging: The Rexona Men Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Roll-On comes in a pack of 6, providing you with long-lasting protection. The 50mL size is compact and travel-friendly, allowing you to keep one in your gym bag, car, or office for on-the-go freshness.

How to Use:

  1. Shake the roll-on bottle gently before use to ensure the formula is well mixed.

  1. Remove the cap and roll the ball applicator directly onto clean and dry underarms.

  1. To achieve comprehensive protection, apply a thin and uniform layer of the antiperspirant, ensuring that it covers the entire area effectively.

  1. Let it dry for a few seconds before getting dressed.

  1. Enjoy the long-lasting freshness and protection throughout the day.


  1. Maximum Protection: Experience ultimate protection with the Rexona Men Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Roll-On. This advanced formula provides unmatched defense against sweat and odor, empowering you to take on any activity with confidence. Say goodbye to underarm wetness and unwelcome smells, and embrace the assurance of maximum protection.

  1. Ideal for Sports: With its sport-focused formula, this antiperspirant roll-on is perfect for athletes and active individuals who engage in intense physical activities. It can withstand sweat and keep you fresh during workouts, runs, sports matches, and more.

  1. Long-lasting Performance: The 48-hour protection ensures that you stay fresh and dry for an extended period, providing all-day confidence and comfort.

  1. Gentle on Skin: Experience the soothing benefits of our dermatologically tested formula, carefully crafted to be gentle on your skin. It is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Say farewell to the inconvenience of irritation and discomfort often caused by harsh antiperspirants. With our product, you can confidently bid adieu to these concerns and embrace a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  1. No Residue: The quick-drying formula leaves no residue or stains on your clothes, allowing you to dress immediately after application.

  1. Convenient Packaging: With the pack of 6 convenient roll-on bottles, you can rest assured knowing that you'll always have a reliable supply of this trustworthy antiperspirant on hand. Its compact size adds to its practicality, making it a breeze to carry in your gym bag, backpack, or travel kit. Whether you're hitting the gym, embarking on an adventure, or simply on the go, this compact antiperspirant will effortlessly fit into your daily routine.

Rexona Men Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Roll-On Sport 50mL to experience the ultimate combination of superior protection, long-lasting freshness, and comfort during your active lifestyle. Don't let sweat hold you back; stay confident and focused with this exceptional antiperspirant. Order your pack today and embrace the power of clinical strength protection!


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