2 x DC Monsoon Coffee Beans 250g

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2 x DC Monsoon Coffee Beans 250g

For those with a taste for exploration, Ducale's Monsoon blend offers a coffee experience that is both mellow and enticing. This unique blend boasts a delightful sweetness in its aroma and flavor, akin to musk candy and almond. With a rich toffee taste that lingers on the palate, this blend is sure to captivate the senses. Despite its robust body, the acidity remains pleasantly low, allowing for a clean and satisfying finish. Particularly suited for milk-based beverages, this blend brings forth a delectable combination of sweet cocoa and malt flavors.


In the past, when coffee was transported from India to Europe, it used to take a considerable amount of time, around 4-6 months, and the process wasn't as efficient as it is today. The coffee beans would be stored in a wooden ship, below the waterline, creating a damp and humid environment. This unique atmosphere caused the beans to expand and their color to shift from green to a light golden shade. This particular condition played a crucial role in developing a smooth-tasting coffee that was gentle on the stomach, making it highly favored by Europeans.


The monsoon method, which was later developed to imitate this distinctive treatment from years ago, consists of stacking freshly harvested beans in ventilated warehouses during the Southwest Monsoon months. Over a period of 12-16 weeks, the beans are exposed to the humid winds coming from the Arabian Sea. They are delicately raked, gathered together, and meticulously rebagged to ensure proper moisture absorption. Consequently, the beans experience a rise in moisture content from the usual 10.5% for Indian coffees to approximately 14.5%, resulting in the production of the least acidic coffee in the world.


  • DC Monsoon Coffee Beans
  • Pack contents: 2 x 250g
  • Intensity: 5/10
  • Mellow and creamy
  • Flavours: Caramel, orange zest and milk chocolate
  • Aroma: Marmalade and peanut
  • Acidity: Low
  • Roast: Medium
  • Origins: Thalana Estate India and Monsoon Malabar India
  • Expiry Date: 01/04/2024


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